Wallcovering meets Art

I am creating wallpaper design based on my paintings. 

My passion: by design of contemporary wallpaper to inspire designers and architects create stylish interior where people feel harmonious and where they want to come back again (houses, apartments or public places). 

My goal - to design wallpaper what could be used for interiors of different styles (minimalism, modern, classic, fusion, eco, high tech, etc.)

My design focus:
- is not only on the visual effect, but also on sensations and feelings (atmosphere, softness, warmness, mood, freshness, tonality, melody).
- wallpaper, what looks like as a different materials (suede, satin, velor, glass, tile, metal etc.) or gives different effects (brings more light, 3D effect). 
- subjects: crystals and gems (one of my favorite), abstract, birds, flowers, faces. 
different sizes of patterns, that designers have more options (both for decoration in same room and for different sizes of spaces).

Wallpapers are not just wall covering. This is tonality, melody and mood of the space.

Take inspiration for bringing more beauty to the world!